Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 23, 2009

So this week has been a pretty eventful week, it seems like every week is :). Let's jump right into it! For devotional last week we had Richard C. Edgely of the Presiding Bishopric come and speak to us. He talked about a few mission experiences and had a few of us missionaries respond at the microphones. He talked about planting seeds, compared it to missionary work, and said that sometimes it takes a long time to find out the fruits of our efforts and they aren't always recognized right away. It's good encouragement. I have also learned that a successful missionary is one who gives his all, regardless of what the outward fruits seem to be. Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, and no growth is happening, but I know that if we are working our hardest, smartest and doing our best to follow God's will, it is all working out for the best.This week in the Referral Center (where we call people and confirm if they have got different church matierals they have called in and requested) my companion, Elder Taylor did a personal callback with a lady that told him to call her back in 2 weeks. We hit the 2 week mark this week and he called her back. She said something like that she had thought about reading the Book of Mormon and listening to the missionaries, but said that she wasn't interested. Elder Taylor said ok and hung up. He did a few more callbacks while I studied and we were about to leave and he said that he was going to call her back again. He called her back and said something like, "I know you're not interested, but I know that this is vital to your life and is something that you need in order to get back to Heaven." The Lady said something like "...ok, I'll read your Book, I'll start right now!" We're calling back in a week and we'll see how that goes, I'll be sure to let everyone know.I'm so grateful for the promptings of the Holy Ghost that guide us to do things that sometimes do not make a lot of sense, but always feel right. I am so g rateful that my companion followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and helped us learn a little more about what it means to be God's servants. I love the promptings of the Holy Ghost.This week I have learned a lot about being bold with love. The world NEEDS the message that we have to share. How can we not be bold and "invite others to come to Christ" with love. I have learned that we show our love for our investigators when we boldly show them how the gospel of Jesus Christ is necessary for Salvation and how it WILL make their lives happy. The Gospel is definitely something to be Bold and loving about.As for other news this week. Elder Taylor and I tried out for a Special Musical number and a chance to perform in a Fireside, Devotional, or other event and it was rather chistoso (funny). I loved the experience, the lady who evaluated us was so loving. We were told that she had considered taking our song, "My Kindness Shall not Depart From Thee" out of the MTC Musical Number selection for a while and everytime she hears the song she says. "I like it...but." She said we performed it well, but it's a very situational song that unless people know the background it is not as spiritually powerful. She did say that she wants to use my voice in something she's putting together in the future. I don't know that that is, but we will find out and I will let you know :) I just thought it was funny that we're probably going to be the reason she takes the song out of the MTC musical number selections...:) I had an awesome time praticing the song and auditioning with it though, it was fantastic!Also, this week in my District, we had a funeral for the language of English. English is now dead and we are for the most part, speaking only Spanish. My mind is definitely getting a workout with all that Spanish, but I love it and am growing to love the Spanish language more and more every day. It's hard to speak at times, but I am learning more all the time and am grateful for the opportunity. We teach Lesson 1 in the Teaching Evaluation Center this Friday, I'm excited to see how it goes! Well, that's about all. Take care! I love you all!
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Benjamin Hoglund