Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, I think it's coming down to the final days of the MTC experience. They say that we're ready to go soon, so I'll keep on preparing as best as I can and hopefully be ready to go to Argentina on Monday. This week my companion and I had a fantastic experience. My companion's knee is still not doing very well (which I really hope gets better soon, we're going to get an MRI on his knee tomorrow and we'll know better after that, so please pray for him) so we went to a Sports Injury place to get it checked out. While we were there we had so many missionary opportunites... I guess it helps out a little bit when you are a set-apart full-time missionary, but they were incredible. When we first went in, we sat down with a mother and some young kids. They were all members of the church but we were still able to sit down with them and talk about how they are children of God. We told them that there are people in this world who don't know that they are children of God and that God loves them. I asked the little girl how that made her feel, and she said, "bad". I love it, children answer so simply and so profoundly at the same time. I told her that was right and at the end my companion and I challenged the little girl and the two little boys that next time they saw someone who looked like they were having a bad day or were sad to go up to them and tell them that they are a child of God and that God loves them (I hope we included that last part, I can't quite remember for sure...oops). It was a fantastic little teaching experience and I hope they remember that.We also had the chance to give someone a blessing there. There was this girl at BYU soccer camp named Sidney and she had just hurt her ankle pretty badly. She had the faith after she saw the missionaries (my companion and I) to ask for a blessing. It was an incredible example of faith and I know that she will be healed rapidly.I've been learning a lot this week about the importance of diligence and how we just need to keep pressing on and relying on the Savior during the hard times and during the good times. Diligence is a key attribute in the lifelong process of developing the attributes of Christ. The MTC life is coming along well. I enjoy what's happening every day and am excited to try all this out in Argentina. I love you all! I'll probably write next week from Argentina assuming that I do not have a Visa delay. Take care!

Ok, we checked with the Travel Office just barley and learned that I am NOT delayed, however my companion as well as three other Elders in my district are. Please pray for them, it can be hard. Thanks for all your love and support one more time. I'd better go and have some dinner and get ready for the devotional tonight. I'm pretty excited to find out who it is and learn some more. I love my mission and I'm so excited to get into the field.