Monday, August 24, 2009

Cyber Power Outage! August 24, 2009

Hi friends and family,

So, funny story about the internet today. We were going to the Cyber to use the internet, we got there, sat down, and the power went out. How funny is that. So we took a little walk back to our pench and decided that there must be something about this e-mail thing, I am not quite sure, but it was pretty funny. Thank you so much for the updates, I love you all and again apologize for the lack of a respone you get from me when it comes to your individual e-mails. One of these times when we get the e-mail thing right I will respond to each of you individually. It would make me really happy to do that and let each of you know that I really love you and care about you. Let,s see, here is a little bit about this week.

Yesterday I had an experience in which I learned a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon. We went to a church of another religion on Saturday night, (it was something that Elder Aidukaitas sp?) challenged the mission to do. He said that when he went he ended up baptizing about 50 people in the congregation. It is a huge opportunity to find people who are really good people and love religion, who are looking for the truth. Anyway we went, and I just felt terrible during the church. I was just feeling terrible, really feeling the Spirit churn in me and tell me what was happening was wrong. My companion told me to read in the Book of Mormon and just like that the Spirit came back and the horrible feeling I felt was gone. It really is a night and day difference and I know it is real. When we read the Book of Mormon, when we open it and read a page or two we will feel something different. We will feel the Spirit, something is different about that Book and it has power to convert. This was incredible.

There are so many miracles that happen when we are obedient too. We need to be obedient so the Lord can bless us. I know this is true and have seen it thus far in the experiences of my mission.

Sorry to cut it short. We need to go shop and be back at the bus stop, otherwise...well, we need ot catch the bus. Things are wonderful here. I am learning tons, I love everyone so much. I will send photos one day. Thank you for your patience and your love. Really, this shouldn,t happen. I really hope next week i will send some photos. Take care, I love you! With much love,

Elder Hoglund