Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally got some bikes! October 25, 2009 ~Monday

Hi Friends and Family,

What else has happened...oh! We got permission to use BIKES! This is opening my mind because this area all of the sudden has so many more possibilities because of all we can do now! This is such a blessing to have bikes so we can have more citas and talk to more people and get to places that before were really hard to get to because they were so far.

We just had mother`s day this week in Argentina. It`s different down here than in the states. But anyway, it went well! There were a lot of people absent from church because they were visiting their moms and such but it was awesome.

So my companion is absolutely incredible! This week was my first full week with him and we are best friends! He works incredible hard, we talk to so many people during the day, and have confidence in the message of the gospel. I am learning that this good attitude works out really well. Just always have a good attitude about what is happening and you`re happy! I am also learning to have an obedient attitude as well. Just have a good attitude and an obedient attitude. But the work in Colonia Bombal is going so well. Opening the mouth is so awesome! I love talking to random people about whatever topic and then tying it back to the gospel and seeing if they want us to come over and teach them. It`s fun to talk to random people and get fun stories and teach about the gospel. I LOVE doing that! But Elder Boyd and I are working hard and it`s awesome!

Louis and Estela are progessing along. They are both eating up the Book of Mormon, they love it! We keep leaving reading assignments and Louis always reads them. Right now he only works on Saturday and Sunday so we fasted this week so he could find a job that would allow him and his spouse to come to church on Sundays. He really wants to come. We also invited him to play soccer with us with the ward on Friday night, he really wants to come and we will see how that goes. I want to pass by his house and go play with him so he can make some friends in the ward and not make going to church such an intimidating experience. This will be awesome.

We taught a lot of first lessons this week, so this week we will find a lot of people who are progressing. A random experience, we were just going along and opened the mouth with a woman in front of her house yesterday (confidently and happily) and she smiled back at us and invited us to come sit in the shade in front of her house. She goes in her house and comes back out with two glasses of pop and brings out some chairs for us. Elder Boyd and I looked at each other like...all right, I guess I can`t refuse that. After we got to know her a little we shared a quick first lesson because we had to go to another cita. But we will definitely be back.

Last night we also had an incredible visit with Gino and Maria...I talked about them a while ago, they needed to get married so Maria so could get baptized...she really wants to get baptized. But Gino doens`t want to get married. Not to worry though! We had an incredible Spiritual appointment with them and they are definitely going to get married and baptized soon. Elder Boyd was the Elder that needed to be here right now for that family. He shared some other stories from his mission and helped Gino to realized that they are pretty much married already (living together with 3 kids) and that marriage would pretty much be a signed paper and that`s it.

Elder Boyd is so awesome and I absolutely love when the Spirit tells us exactly what we need to do and say and what exactly we should not do and what we should not say. In this case, the Spirit was telling me to let Elder Boyd go for it because he was the Elder meant for that family! It`s so awesome!

Things are moving along, the work is moving along. It still hits me at random times that I am actually living in Argentina and speaking Spanish. I`ll be listening to people sometimes and it clicks in my mind that I am ACTUALLY speaking and listening in Spanish and my mind starts to have a spasm. It reminds me of when Peter was walking on the water. He walks on water (does something impossible for himself through relying on the Savior) and once he realizes what he is doing, he starts to doubt and starts to sink. I just need to always have the confidence that the Lord is helping me and have faith that with Him I CAN do this! With His help I CAN do this. It`s awesome and the Spanish is coming along.

I love you all! Take care everyone! Miracles WILL happen if you watch for them! Look for God`s hand in your life and you`ll find it.

With All my Love,
Elder Hoglund

P.S. The Argentine bus system is awesome! It`s fun to be lost! :) I love it!