Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Barbequed goat for Christmas Eve dinner. December 28, 2009

Just watching my Goat cook on Christmas Eve! :)

Elder Rimeriz wih "The Goat".

My Dear Family,

It was SO good to talk to all of you!!! It`s amazing what it does just to hear your voices. Thanks so much for all the e-mails! I love reading them from every one of you!

So this e-mail is to send a couple of photos and to do a quick recap of what is going on here. This week has been a week of parties for the people down here. On Christmas night we were in the house of a member having a Christmas Dinner and it sounded like we were in a war! With all the fireworks going off on all sides of us it really sounded like a war! By the way, the fireworks that I`ve seen here are so illegal in the United States, but here, people use them like there`s no tomorrow.

As you know, I ate goat this wonderful Christmas Eve as well. Included in this e-mail is a picture of the goat we ate while it was cooking.

Right now we are working on a plan for the ward...honestly I am SO SO Excited for it!!!!! I was taking a 5 hour bus ride one day...as it seems we frequently do as of late...pondering and thinking about what in the world we could do to help the ward here. As I was praying and pondering ideas started to flow to my mind of what we could do. I got so excited and started to write and the ideas just kept on flowing! We are doing what`s called a Revolucion Espiritual...A Spiritual Revolution. Cambiarà su vida en 2010.

This is a plan that is going to last for the whole year, not only while me and my missionary companions are in this area. The goal is to change the whole Spiritual Environment of the ward here and help us move forward Spiritually. This plan consists of having the people do a few things every day

1. Read 10 minutes in the Book of Mormon Every Day
2. Pray 2 times daily (morning and night)
3. Do one act of service for someone every day
4. Smile every day!

Especially with that last one, this gospel is a gospel of happiness and we have no reason to walk around with a glum (yes that is a good word) face all the time. We have every reason in the world to be happy and rejoice because of the comfort and knowledge we have of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We may have troubles, we may not be perfect, but if we are trying our hardest, being obedient, and as Hermana Blackham said, putting the Lord as our first priority, everything else will turn out how it should. I have a firm testimony of that! I am so excited to see this plan get put into action!

Anyway, I love you all so much!

Happy New Year! It`s already 2010, wow!

Love,Elder Hoglund