Monday, May 10, 2010

May 3, 2010 Time in General Alvear winding down. A truck with a loud speaker selling live chickens out of the back of it. :)

Dear Familia,

Yes, I know in the subject that it looks like mayonase (sp?) but it really means May. Anyway, how is everyone doing today! I hope well! This week was incredible yet again! We had the baptism of Mercedez Pichel and it was incredible (hence the reason the week was incredible). There were tons of people there because it was a combined baptism with the other ward and it was really special. Our recent convert Antonio Pichel gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and really grew a lot! It was uncomfortable for him to stand up in front of so many people and give a talk, but he did it. I think it was the first time that he had done it. I feel like my time here in General Alvear is winding down. I have been here for five, almost six months, which is normally about the maximum amount of time that someone stays in one area. So I will find out on Sunday night or Monday afternoon where I will be going, or if I will be going and what the other changes in the mission are. It`s been so much fun to be here!

I love the area, love the members and have so much fun every day! It`s missionary work, so that does mean that it`s work, but when you love the work you don`t work a day in your life right? I hope I can find something like that when I get back home.

This week has been so much fun with Elder Wilson. He asked a question about a little car that had a giant loudspeaker on top. He wanted to know what it was...legitimate question I think. I told him about a time in Colonia Bombal, my first area, where I saw a giant truck like that with chickens in the back and a voice blazing over the loudspeakers. They were selling live chickens out of the back of the truck and the person in the car was selling something I`m sure.

Anyway, my time is running short, I am excited to talk to every one of you this Sunday and we will talk to you soon! Bye Familia!

Elder Hoglund