Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An update on my life

Well, I guess it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. My mom's been taking really good care of it and documenting my life pretty well while I was on my mission. I'm so grateful for her. Well, since I came home early from my mission for health reasons I have been pretty active. I have applied for BYUs spring semester and applied for a job at Key Bank as a bank teller. I hope to find out if I will get the job and be accepted for school within the next week or so. I really hope it all falls into place. It's nice to relax and do what my mission president told me to do, but I'm ready to get out and start doing things again. It's time to start to live life! I've got a lot of plans and a lot of good things that are going to happen in my life and it fun to think about all the possibilities that are in the near future.

Medically I have nearly recuperated all the way. When I got back from my mission I gained 35 pounds in about a month and have felt myself be able to relax more. Things are going really well and I guess the purpose of this post was to let everyone know that I am doing well and that life is about to pick up speed again.

I am going to New York in a week and a half with my little brother and my dad; that is going to be fun. I should definitely post pictures and write about that experience. So basically to wrap things up I'll say; look out life, here I come!