Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crowded Pench for Zone Meeting! January 11, 2010

Hi Family!!!

How is everyone doing? I love reading everything that`s going on back in Utah and I m sure you all love reading about Argentina, so that being the case….here it is!

Argentina this week was full of experiences. To start things off, Dad guessed it right, I am staying in my area at least for another 6 weeks with my companion Elder Ramirez. I feel so blessed because we now have an opportunity to put this ward plan in action, go and work to find some people in the finkas (outskirts of town) as well as work in Real del Padre.

This Sunday Antonio and Nora came and had a good talk with the Bishop and Elder Ramierz after church. They were talking about how the only way we can know if the church is true is through the feelings of the Spirit. No one is going to convince anyone of anything. We have to feel the Spirit in order to be converted and feel the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also felt so blessed during church. We were thinking about how to best present this Revolucion Espiritual in church and I asked the Bishop if he could talk to the ward about it over the pulpit before the meeting started. He, in place of that, gave me the first time to talk in the meeting.. Beinvenido impromptu talk in church!! It was actually way fun. The Spirit recalled to my mind the scriptures that we had studied about the Spiritual Revolution and it was very powerful. It really wasn`t me speaking, the Spirit was directing me. It was incredible; the ward now knows very clearly what the Spiritual Revolution is. They all have their progress cards and we`ll be passing by their houses every now and again to see how their doing. This project makes me so happy!

Tito didn`t come to church this week. I am a little worried about how he`s doing. He said he would come if his kid was feeling better. It makes me think something`s not quite right. He really needs to come! We`ll see this week. He`s reading, but still he needs to pray to find and answer. Sincere prayer really is how we get answers, I am learning more about that every day.

Something interesting, there were 8 Elders sleeping in our Pench last night! Oh my! We had a Zone Meeting in our chapel after church got out and the majority of the Elders stayed here to have Preparation Day here. It`s quite the experience I`ll tell you! I love it! I`ll take some pictures of the pench with all of us in there. It`s way fun!

With the new Hermana that just came from the MTC, we are now using the language study time during the siesta to study Spanish and English. The Latins are really progressing and learning a lot of English. It also really helps me to review and learn the Spanish rules again. It helps me realize what I am saying and why I say what I say.

I am going to start writing more funny experiences in my journal at night. There are little random things that happen every day that help me laugh! I love the mission.

Anyway, it sounds like things are going well at home. I hope Brady and Britt get feeling better! I love you!

Elder Benjamín Hoglund