Saturday, February 6, 2010

Performing in Plays and Taco Making lessons! January 18, 2010

Hola mi Familia!
¿Como anda todos? How is everyone doing?
Dad, it ends up that Antonio or Tito didn`t come to church this week. But Antonio did come to a ward mission activity. They`re coming along, we`ll work with them this week to see what`s up. They`re such good people and I pray that they will come next week!

Just a few days ago I got the Ensign, the pictures and the Spicey crackers…YES!! Thank you Family! It made me pretty happy to see all that stuff! Zone Conference is this week. You are right father, seeing the new missionaries helps me to realize how much the Lord helps us in such a short time. I look back 8 months and I have grown more than I ever could have imagined. It is such a huge blessing! About the high winds in Buenos Aires..I don’t think we got much of anything, but that`s interesting. How high were they?

I think I was having a heart attack reading the details dad wrote me about the two games this week…Literally. Anyway, I am still living but BRADY YOU STUD! Sweet! I love hearing about your success! Keep it up bud! I would say more, but I don`t know what to say…I`m speechless!

Well, let`s see. This week was pretty interesting. We had a way awesome ward mission activity this weekend. Elder Ramirez and I and the other 3 Hermanas in our area organized a little play that we put on the for the members. It was pretty funny and I was laughing pretty much the whole night. We even had costume changes and everything. It was a play about how Elder Ramirez and I were friends in the pre-earth life. When we received our “callings” to go to earth, we found out that I would be born into a family with the gospel and he would not. I made a promise to find him on the earth. Long story short, I find him on the earth with the help of a member. It was a good plug for member missionary work and the ward members loved it! We even had two investigators (a father and son) come to the activity; that was a surprise! I hope he loved it!

Random story for the week: People here don`t know what tacos are, so we had a family night with the Bishop and his family and taught them how to make tacos. It was pretty fun and pretty messy.

Here is a miracle that happened during the week: Elder Ramirez and I were trying to find a reference and clapped a door next to where the reference should have been to see if anyone close knew where this person lived. The lady who lived at that house we clapped let us in and we started to teach. It ends up that the missionaries visited her a while back and then for some reason they couldn`t continue teaching her. She is incredible. When we talked to her she had read the Book of Mormon up until 3 Nephi 10… ( I know, right before 3 Nephi 11…how about that huh?) She thinks that Joseph Smith was a prophet, believes the Book of Mormon is true, and thinks that this is the true church… Incredible! The Lord is in this work! We are working with her, her 13 year old kid Sebastian, and her husband Reuben. They`re just about there, pray for them please.

I know Heavenly Father answers prayers, we were praying to find 3 people who are ready for Baptism and this family shows up. I know that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers when we pray with faith and really believe that He can answer us.

This week was way good and we`re excited for this next week. I love you all and thank you so much for everything!

Elder Hoglund