Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010 New Companion and Armadillo's

New companion:
Elder Cody Wilson from Fairview

Friendly little Armadillo
at our investigator's house.

Dear Family and friends,

This week in Argentina has been incredible and I have grown a lot. I have felt the Spirit guide me in every little thing I do and I am learning a little bit about being a parent with being a trainer. I am sure there a lot of parallels, but being a parent is harder!

I am having new experiences every day and my Spanish is improving. I am in charge of the majority of the communicating and it is providing me a chance to grow and to learn even more. I learn a ton talking with so many people every day. As a mission we have a goal to talk to 141 people every week about the gospel. It`s called an Open the Mouth. Ten people every day for every companionship. This helps me build my confidence and I know the Lord is blessing me. There are people out there waiting for us to talk to them and it makes things exciting.

I have learned that little tiny thoughts and impressions that come to the mind are promtings from the Spirit. I am learning to be more in tune with the Spirit on my mission and I have come to realize and I know and bear testimony, that if I have a small spark of an idea to do something, it is the Spirit telling me that it is something I should do. I am learning to hearken to these promptings from the Spirit and although sometimes they scare me, they help me grow and I know that by following them I am conquering fear and developing more faith.

The best news is that we got to watch ALL the sessions of conference in English! It was awesome!Woo hoo!

Love you, Elder Hoglund