Monday, April 12, 2010

March 22, 2010 A Dive into the Ditch / An Ice Cream Party

Hey Family!

How`s everything going this week? I hope everyone is doing so well. So here`s the layout of the week.

I fell into an asequia which is the equivalent of a ditch with lots and lots of water!! I know this happened last week, but it was pretty funny and I`ll share it anyway. It was raining really hard and the level of the water in the asequia was equal with the level of the water in the street. I misjudged my step a little bit and next thing I know I am standing in about waist deep water gasping for breath beause the water was pretty cold. We threw my bag of stuff I was carrying (scriptures, pamphlets, etc...) out of the asequia and just started to laugh as I took off my shoes and emptied out water. I laughed so hard and it was nice to change things up for a bit!

This week Antonio decided to get baptized! This is so exciting and probably the highlight of my week! We had a baptism this Friday and Jhoana Sosa, her little sister Julietta Sosa, and Diego Pichel, yet another member of the Pichel Family got baptized. The service was incredible! There were a lot of people there and the Spirit was really strong. Afterwards the bishop spoke with Antonio and he mentioned that he wanted to get get baptized before Elder Ramirez leaves next Wednesday. This man is so sure about what he wants to do and has such a big heart. We had a really good conversation Sunday after church and we talked very openly about how he has really helped me learn things about my life. I love that guy and am so excited for this week to finish getting him ready for baptism this Friday.

This leads me into one of my other funny experiences for the week. After the baptism on Friday we had ice cream for refreshments, but the problem with this was that as soon as the closing prayer was given at the baptismal service, all the kids went sprinting out of the sacramental (I can`t remember what it`s called in English, the room where they hold sacrement meeting) and sprinted to the serving area. I kind of felt like I was in a zoo! The kids were screaming, the parents wanted ice cream and there was quite a bit of havoc. I laughed about it later and learned that never again am I going to give refreshments at a Baptismal Service. I don`t want to do it again if its going to be so out of control like that. Anyway, we had a good laugh and moved on. :)

So about our pench, we were going to move penches in a few weeks. Elder Campbell and I went out during a siesta and found an incredible pench that was within our budget. We met the owner of the penches and had everything arranged it seemed, but the pench got bought, so we are now in search for a new place to live again. The roof leaks and the pench was made for two, but we`ll see what happens. I really don`t mind catching water in buckets and stuff.

Here`s another funny experience. In the middle of the night it started to rain and Elder Ramirez woke me up and asked me if I wanted to move my bed because it was raining (usually when it rains, there is a spot that leaks directly over where I ususally put my bed). Anyway, I got up and moved my bed very quietly (because the floor is REALLY loud; almost any movement made upstairs can be heard magnified about two or three times downstairs where the other two Elders are sleeping) and went back to sleep. No worries though, we`re in the process of finding another pench and everything will be alright. :)

To finish up, I really want to testify of the importance of reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Satan will try to tempt us and try to get us to fill our time with other things, but reading the Book of Mormon is something we cannot afford to miss. It helps give us the drive, the motivation to do those things that we need to do and teaches us what we need to do with our lives. We open the door to personal revelation when we open the Book of Mormon. I know that by reading the Book of Mormon ten minutes everyday will help you feel more happy and ready to face what the world throws at us every day.

I love you all! Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday e-mails! I`m turning 21 in Argentina! I`ve heard that it takes about 11-14 months for every cell in your body to replace itself, so in a few months, I WLL BE COMPLETELY ARGETINE, how cool is that!? Until next time!

Love, Elder Hoglund