Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 12, 2010 Introduced To My New Job!

Hello Everyone,

Well, everything is going really welll. I´m here in the offices of the mission typing this e-mail. Preparation day is a little different now. We come in and do office work in the morning and then in the afternoon we have our preparation day. The 9th of July is Independance Day in Argentina, the equivalent of the 4th of July in the States. So everything shut down here and the people took a break. We went running in the morning and had a good time. I absolutely love running in the morning. The change of area has been really nice, I like it here in the offices. The work is a little bit more fast paced and things have to get done now. I´m learning my new job and my new companion Elder Figueroa is helping me out a lot. He´s a way cool guy! I love him, he´s way funny. He´s from Canada.

Let´s see, I got here Wednesday afternoon and we got straight to work. I´m learning how to manage the Pentions in the mission how the Materials job works and also I deal with cell phone issues too. We work in the offices normal hours from 10 until 4 and then from 5 oclock on we are out proselyting in our area that we share between four Elders right now. It´s called Trapiche. The pench is great, the members are great and the meeting on Sunday was incredible! We had an Elder´s quorum teacher that was an absolute fireball. He was such an incredible teacher and was so well prepared. He definitely had me wrapped up in what he was teaching. He taught a lot about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and about having the desire to do things. It is so important that we have a desire to obey the commandments.

I am realizing how much the mission has blessed my life. It has taught me self-discipline like I have never been taught before. I love getting to bed early, waking up early and running first thing in the morning. It´s a huge blessing!

My area is in the city. I´m not sure what the population is but I think it´s bigger than Salt Lake City. There´s busses that go everywhere! The bus system is incredible here! I´m mostly just running from one place to another and learning my job! Things are going really well! Sorry for the shortie, I love you all!

Elder Hoglund