Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th, 2010 Another opportunity for service!

Hey friends and family:

Feliz Feriados everyone! I hope everyone had an incredible fourth of July Holiday and that things are going well. I sure love you all! Let`s get going on this new week, here`s what happened.

I had a special interview with President on Friday, he called me into the offices and now I am going to go to the offices to work, to be the Pencionista de la mision. That means that I`m in charge of taking care of all the Pentions in the mission, the rent, the landlords, the money, all that stuff. It will be way fun! I`m excited to get started on it. This Wednesday I head into the offices during the siesta to make the change. It will be hard to leave here but I know the Lord wants me in another place. Here I have made quite a few friends and Mario Soria imparticular has been a big support here. He is an incredible member to the ward in Palimra. He makes lots of sacrifices to help us and to come with us to appointments and is good company. He is very intelligent and a very people person. He has helped me a lot and is a very good friend! I will miss him so much.

I`ve been learning a lot about joy this week, that it really is the purpose of this life to have joy and that Heavenly Father has given us everything we need to have joy. Heavenly Father has given us "all things which are expedient unto man" to have joy and that joy we find through His Son, Jesus Christ. Without him, all hope of joy would be destroyed. I know this to be true and know that perfection is our goal, but we can be satisfied wiht little achievements along the way and have joy because of the Son.

This week we made Bracelets and watched Germany absolutely destroy Argentina in a member`s house. Now Chile, Argentina, and Brazil are out of the world cup race. That`s too bad. We also had divisions this week. Sorry this e-mail is so short, I`m running short on time. But I love you and want all of you to know that! Have a good time! Take care!

Elder Hoglund