Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 14, 2010 World Cup News * New Companion * Shopping in Argentina

New companion: Elder Scoville from El Dorado Hills, California!

Shopping for World Cup jacket and looking like a tourist!

Hi Family and Friends!

So Wes, Brandon, and Danny are back? How is that going? The gang has returned home already. Lindon will never be the same again. Tell them I say hi and that I`m sorry I didn`t send them e-mails or letters during their missions very much. I think I only did it a time or two. Thank you for everything they did to help me prepare for my mission. I am realizing now how good of friends I had during high school! They were such a blessing to me...

Things are going well here in Mendoza, Argentina. The World Cup is in full swing and the streets are full of flags and Argentine merchandise. I myself bought an Argentina jersey pullover thing and an Argentine scarf. Yes I am prectically native now (I couldn`t look more like a tourist but oh well). Anyway, things are going really well this week!

We have two investigators that are progressing along very nicely. Bernabe and Adriana didn`t come to church this week, but they had a birthday party. It was Bernabe`s birthday this Saturday, so they had visitors come over and stay the night Saturday night, making it diffuicult for them to come to church on Sunday. We did have an investigator come with his family. Alberto Mendez and his wife Marcella with their young son, Enzo. They lack a lot to be able to get baptized because they need to get married, but egual, if they`re coming to church I`m happy because I know they will be happy as well.

This week we got to watch the World Cup in a member`s house. It was fun to watch the world cup and see Argentina win 1-0. A member made the comment how funny it was to see three Americans around the television watching a soccer game. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny and we had a good time!

This week I got to meet a supreme court justice of Mendoza. Ok ,so we really only met him in passing. I got to hold the door open for him. I`ll tell you about that story later, time is running out.

Things are going well! I love you all! Thanks for all you do! All your support! All your letters! They`re awesome! Thanks to the Blackham family for all the love they show! Take care everyone! Enjoy the heat!

With love,
Elder Hoglund