Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 28, 2010 Video of the crazy streets after the World Cup win!

This video is pretty close to our pench. Just to show you a little bit about how crazy everything is here during the world cup.

Hola Familia,

This week has been pretty good. A little hectic with transfers, but it was good to have them all over and settle down again. I have a new companion now, Elder Michael Petersen from Logan, Utah. He is a pretty incredible guy! I love him! We have had a lot of good experiences together already and he likes to have fun so it will be a good transfer!

We saw Argentina win this week. We went out in the streets after the game was over Sunday afternoon and saw tons of crazy people. I will try to attach a video a took to show you how it was. Argentines are crazy about their soccer team and it sounds like their doing pretty good. Watch out Brazil! We`re coming for you! Chile, I`m not so sure, we`ll come for you too. I actually think that Chile and Brazil are playing each other this week. We`ll see how that goes.

I learned on Sunday something really interesting about the Sabbath day. There`s a scripture in Matthew 12 that talks about how God doesn`t want sacrifice, he wants mercy. We talked about how on the Sabbath day it`s ok to buy food if you absolutely need to and didn`t have the time to do so during the week. The teacher shared a story about when he was bishop and there were a few kids in the primary who had arrived at church without eating breakfast. The bishop went to the store and bought food for all the kids in the primary Sunday morning and told them to give them the food. A leader from the church was there and asked the bishop, where were you? I went to go buy food. The leader said, don`t you know it`s Sunday? You can`t buy on Sunday! The bishop then said, don`t you know that there are starving kids in Primary who biked 12 Kilometers to get here on time and didn`t have breakfast? The leader was quiet after that.

I think this illustrates a wonderful principle. The Lord wants mercy, not sacrifice. The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. They have a phrase here in Argentina, “Sea santo, no santurron”. This basically means do not be holier than thou when it comes to obeying the commandments because this will make us more like the pharisees than anything else. Be merciful.

This week, I did divisons and went to Rivadalvia is what the city is called. It was really fun to see another area.

Things are going really well! I love you all!!

Elder Hoglund