Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 Street Shooting?

Elder Hoglund loves those Argentine Treats! :)

Elder Quebbeman: Celebrating the 4th of July!
Hello Everyone!

It is so good to be able to sit down and write about this week. Let`s see what happened. This week we had a pretty fun week. We`ve been working all week on getting our ward mission plan ready to present this Sunday. We weren`t planning on presenting it this Sunday, but the bishop wanted us to present it so we got it ready and presented it. I have attached the plan so you can see what we`re doing here in the ward. I`n really excited about it and I feel like it will help the ward to participate more in the obra misional. We`ll see how it turns out here in the following weeks.
Antonio is still progressing but really having a hard time finding work. He`s supposed to find out today if he got a job in a local peluquerìa (Hair cutting shop). He loves the Book of Mormon every night and absolutely loves it. He`s in Alma and finds a lot of comfort in reading the Book of Mormon. He didn`t look like he was feeling too good in church today. I pray for him and please pray for me to be able to know what to do to help him.

Hugo is not coming along.

Sebastian is coming along really well! He has a baptismal date for the 16th of October and attended church for the first time yesterday. The talks in church were completely directed towards him. Earlier this week we went with Hermano Agrain, the first counselor in our ward, over to Sebastian`s house to have a charla with him and Hermano Agrain really bore a powerful testimony about the power of the Book of Mormon and his conversion story. The next Sunday in church, Hermano Agrain gave a talk and it really helped Sebastian a lot.

This week I had an experience I want to tell you about. Me and Elder Quebbeman were walking in the street when all of the sudden someone jumped out in the street with a gun and started shooting us. We were able to get away and as soon as we looked back we saw the guy who was shooting us get stabbed by his friend. It was all in plastic though so we`re ok. :) There were some kids playing in the street and I thought it would be funny to include this in my e-mail.

Last P-day we played a really fun game called Teg, it`s like an Argentine version of risk with the names of the different countries all in Spanish. I thought of you mom and your maps in the basement that you have of all the continents so you could learn the different country names. Imagine doing that in Spanish! It was fun!

This week I have learned a lot about having patience with others. Elder Hoglund`s desires are not always the desires of the Lord even if Elder Hoglund wants the person that he is teaching to be perfect NOW, Heavenly Father doesn`t want that. Heavenly Father wants us to progress on the path to perfection gradually, understanding that we have faults and that if we stay on the path that leads to Eternal Life, we will get there. The changes can`t happen now and we have to be patient with others as they work to overcome their weaknesses and change. It`s the same thing we`re doing and Heavenly Father has enough patience to wait for us as we progress gradually on the path to perfection. Imagine if Heavenly Father wasn`t patience with us. We`d be pretty mad and frustrated and so would He. But he`s not like that and understands us perfectly. I know He loves us and wants what is best for us and that is paso por paso.

(Little by little)
Love, Elder Hoglund