Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010 Conference Miracles

Elders Hoglund & Quebbeman and Brother Henn, with their
investigators: Javior and Claudia Sosa and their children,
Nikolas and Emmanual.

Ward Mission plan poster!
Good Work Elders!

Hello Family,
First off, How is everyone!? I always love reading your e-mails and it`s nice to know everyone is alive. I`ve included a few pictures because I know you love pictures. :)

This week was absolutely incredible. There was really a special spirit as we went to work inviting people to conference and trying to help our investigators get to the chapel.
This week the assistants came and worked in our area with us for two days. It was really fun to be able to split up and cover lots of ground and do scheduling for 4 people. We had a lot of success and I learned a lot of things. The Lord really is mindful of us in each and every one of our individual circumstances and knows exactly what we need at any given point.

The Sosa famil is coming along really well! This week Claudia (she`s the wife, the husband is Javier and their oldest son is Nikolas (10 years, he always calls me Sr. Hoglund) and next comes Emmanual (8 aƱos) said that she didn`t want to get baptized on the 16th because she didn`t feel ready to be able to say that she got baptized until she went to church and tried it out for herself. I thought that was a great idea! That is exactly what we want. They did come to General Conference and absolutely loved it. They got there for the Sunday Morning session and a member, Hermano Henn, picked them up in his car/truck. It was incredible to see how welcome they were, how the Henn family had saved them a seat on the front row and how friendly everyone was to them after the meetings were over. They loved it and were absolutely awed by the scenes from the conference center as they had never seen anything quite like it before. We`ll see how they progress this week.

Sebastian wasn`t able to make it to the General Conference but we visited with him last night and he is still way excited about his baptism on the 16th. His eyes lit up when we started teaching him about prophets last night and he is absolutely convinced and converted to the gospel. We`re going to have a few bumps in the road, but I believe he will get to baptism.

Antonio, sad story. We just can`t get a hold of him and he hasn`t come to church. I don`t know what more we can do for him.

Some stories and experiences this week. Yesterday in the bus I talked to someone named Luke that had lived in Provo and Orem for 12 years, went to Provo High School, and is only 23 years old. I very well could have seen him during the process of my high school carreer and who would have thought that we`d meet in Mendoza, Argentina on a bus, it was fun to talk to him for a bit. His name is Luke Villegas if any of you know him.

General Conference was awesome! I loved the talks and was amazed by how personally they applied to me. I loved Elder Christopherson`s talk on a consecrated life.

One thing I learned this week was that there are decisions that don`t matter. I have in the past got really hung up on the small and simple things that don`t matter such as what brand of toothpaste to buy or whether I should get carrots or peas for lunch. There are small and simple things that do matter such as scripture study and prayer, but there are other small and simple things that really do not matter. Like President Monson said in general conference "things that will have Little or no effect in you personal salvation." President Uchtdorf quoted a similar statement, and I paraphrase it; to take a step back slow down, and focus on the most important things. I have found as I do this I have more peace and am learning how to do it more and more every single day. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn this lesson. I feel more free.

I love you all! thank you for all the support! I feel your love.!

Elder Hoglund