Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010 Just Be Yourself!

Hello Family,

OK, so I think we`ve developed quite an addiction to paying TEG (Argentine Risk) as a pention. I would rather play games with you, don`t worry. We played it again this morning and I lost. I was so close to achieving my objective too. Anyway that`s kind of on the side, let`s get to what happened this week!

This week was a little disappointing as Sebastian and The Sosa family didn`t make it to church. We tried everything this week but in the end they fell through. I feel good though knowing that I gave my best effort and there was nothing else that I could do. They are incredible and we did end up meeting with Sebastian on Sunday night. He is still rey (that means very...and also king, in Argentine Spanish) excited for his baptism and absolutely loves the plan of Salvation. He ate it up last night.

The Sosa family didn`t come but went to go play futbol with the ward earlier this week and want to go play it again. They wanted us to come with them but they were playing really late so we had to go back to the pench. We are spending a lot of time with them and their little kids Emmanuel and Niko are awesome.

This week we found the most incredible man. His name is Jose and he really wants to get baptized he accepted a fecha for the 23rd of this month and is such a humble guy. He said he`s talked to missionaries a lot and is sharing a room with a guy who listed to to a charla with us last week.

The Elders of Estanzuela had a way cool ward activity planned (they are the Elders that live with us and have their area right next to ours) but the only problem was that not very members showed up. It was going to be an activity called "the flight to Hawaii" kind of like Dallin`s family here in a little bit right? Elder Cardus is headed home so I think he had airplanes on the mind, but that`s all right. He`s got his future ahead of him and is a very loyal missionary.

I saw someone here with a Boston Celtics shirt the other day and I thought "what is that doing in Argentina?" I don`t even know if they know what the Boston Celtics are they`re so involved in their futbol. It was funny and I had to laugh.

Dad, I keep talking to tons of Colombians down here and they always seem to be the most receptive to the gospel. I don`t know if that`s what it was like for you in Colombia or what happened, but Colombians are awesome. If you remember I also had a Colombian companion for 4 and a half months. Interesting huh?

Kind of what I`ve been thinking about this week is how the Lord is preparing people and all we have to do is be ourself. I`'ve been learning a lot about being ourself. When we are not ourself, we are fake and the people can tell that. When you push too hard to do something you are not being yourself. Let`s take it easy and be ourselves OK?

Love you all,

Eder Hoglund